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Your voice sounds completely different in different languages. It alters your personality somehow. I don’t think people get the same feeling from you. The rhythm changes. Because the rhythm of the language is different, it changes your inner rhythm and that changes how you process everything.

When I hear myself speak French, I look at myself differently. Certain aspects will feel closer to the way I feel or the way I am and others won’t. I like that—to tour different sides of yourself. I often find when looking at people who are comfortable in many languages, they’re more comfortable talking about emotional stuff in a certain language or political stuff in another and that’s really interesting, how people relate to those languages.
Francois Arnaud for Interview Magazine (via iraplastic)

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I shiver, thinking how easy it is to be totally wrong about people, to see one tiny part of them and confuse it for the whole.
Lauren Oliver, Before I Fall (via mademoiselle-clothilde)

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Mary Magdalene
Rosaline onepiece

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Baby’s release:

· Sonnet for Juliet print series

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New AP print ~

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Stealing other dogs’ balls for no apparent reason. What a jerk.
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